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Maclean Show events include: sideshows, equestrian events, trotting, exhibitions, sales displays, floral and fruit exhibits and food stalls.

The Maclean Show also has cane exhibits, craft, beef cattle, vegetables, poultry, cooking, championship dog show, caged birds, photography, school exhibits and trade exhibits.
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The Maclean Show Society has played an integral part in the Lower Clarence region for the past 122 years.

The society was formed to bring early settlers together to share knowledge about farming and also to show the district their achievements.

The Agricultural & Industrial Show in Maclean has now become a yearly attraction where not only farmers and industry workers can present their wares but, it also allows exhibitors from all walks of life to display their talents and to gain knowledge and learn from fellow exhibitors.

Our show is run by a few dedicated committee members and a host of much valued volunteers. These volunteers and the marvelous business houses and individuals who help with donations and sponsorship, ensure that the Maclean Shows continues to grow and entertain generations of show goers.
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